Website Hosting and Why it Matters

how to choose a website host

Don’t Make Your Customer Wait in Line

In this article you will learn why a premium website host matters and how to choose the right one.

Different Types of Hosting

The internet is flooded with hosting providers offering deals for as little as $4/mo. While this is very inexpensive and a tempting offer for business looking to keep the cost down we advise you to steer clear. Here are the three main types of hosting you will see.

Shared hosting

By far the most common and least expensive. Shared hosting gives a website a tiny portion of server that is “shared” with many, many other websites. Why does this matter? Imagine if you walk into a restaurant and they only have one cash register and that cash register is shared with 30 other restaurants. Not a bad idea if you’re the only one wanting to check out, but what if its during the peak hours? The long line to check out is slow and frustrating. This is what happens when that shared website tries to serve up your pages and images to your website visitors.

Dedicated / Private Servers

You get the whole server! It’s fast and flexible and you pay for how fast you want the server to be. Sounds good, but it is too good to be true. This option typically costs $200-$400/mo. Not only that but you have to maintain the server with patches, updates and security settings.

Managed Hosting

The best of both worlds this can be on either shared or dedicated server with the monthly cost usually being between $50-$150/mo. Managed hosting gives you the premium performance while paying a team who has systematized and perfected website hosting management to do the heavy lifting.

Load time

All this talk about speed, does it actually matter how long it take the website to load? Absolutely! Everyone’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter and the researchers at Google have the data to back it up. It doesn’t matter how amazing your company is or how beautiful the website if people won’t wait around for it to load. SourcePage load time expectations


Recommended Hosts

O.K. we are a little biased because we believe our team is the best. We include dedicated fully managed hosting with all of our Care Plans. But if you would like to check out other options we recommend looking into WPEngine or MediaTemple. When you are researching the different options I challenge you to think on these two things when when evaluating a web host for your website.

  1. How many potential customers are you losing by “saving” a few dollars a month?
  2. Do you have the expertise to maintain a web server?

Extra Credit

Head over to Pingdom and gtmetrix to test the speed of your website. A lot more goes into website speed than the host but we’ve got you covered there too.



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